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We'll find the most effective solutions for you to manage and use the rainwater falling on your roof.  Whether it is above ground or below ground cisterns, bio-retention (rain gardens) or infiltration, we can help find solutions for drainage issues and code requirements.

More than 10 years experience with storm water management and rainwater harvesting 






Northwest Rain SolutionsLLC is dedicated to improving self reliance and reliability for our most precious resource, fresh water. Our rain harvesting systems for potable use can improve water availability in areas with low producing wells or limited access to water. 


Our non-potable rain harvesting systems can be designed for irrigation purposes or for indoor use such as flushing toilets and washing clothes. This can take the pressure off of low-producing wells, or reduce water bills by using rain, instead of treated water for non-potable uses.






We solve drainage issues with on-site stormwater management systems including: French drains, perimeter drains, bioretention (rain gardens, bog gardens), infiltration gardens/trenches.

Bio-retention is specially designed garden features for infiltrating stormwater or treating stormwater before it flows to critical water bodies. 

Northwest Rain SolutionsLLC focus and specialty is low water landscapes and native plants.   Whether you have an area with drainage issues, or want a low-water native landscape, our team will design, install, and maintain the best options with your project goals in mind.   


In the event of an emergency or disaster, water is one of the most important resources for recovery. Utilities that supply and convey water can be disrupted during a disaster for an extending period. Having a reliable supply of stored water can improve resiliency and speed recovery after a major disaster.

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" Working with NW Rain Solutions has been such a treat. First, I enjoyed the enthusiasm and knowledge of John Sweeney in guiding me through the process of a green roof. Second, the professionalism of John and CJ,as they worked to install the green roof, was exceptional in a town where many people don’t know what the word “service” means. And finally, the plants that John suggested and then installed once agreed upon, went in without a hitch and are thriving in our very complex winter weather of 2014-2015. I’m so glad I contacted John and he introduced me to this fine organization. I would use them again for water issues and solutions. " -Karen Duddlesten

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