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Rainwater Catchment

Design, installation, and maintenance for custom residental and commercial rainwater catchment 

  • Potable
  • Non-potable
  • Stormwater Retention

Stormwater Management

Design, installation, and maintenance of on-site stormwater management systems for drainage and code requirements

  • Bio-retention
  • Infiltration systems
  • Native landscaping



Consult, Maintenance and Installation for large scale water storage 

  • Fire Protection
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Stormwater Management

Green Roofs

Vegetative roofs are an attractive and effective method of Low Impact Development strategy for stormwater management

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Aesthetics
  • Stormwater Management


" Working with NW Rain Solutions has been such a treat. First, I enjoyed the enthusiasm and knowledge of John Sweeney in guiding me through the process of a green roof. Second, the professionalism of John and CJ,as they worked to install the green roof, was exceptional in a town where many people don’t know what the word “service” means. And finally, the plants that John suggested and then installed once agreed upon, went in without a hitch and are thriving in our very complex winter weather of 2014-2015. I’m so glad I contacted John and he introduced me to this fine organization. I would use them again for water issues and solutions. " -Karen Duddlesten


Our Mission

Northwest Rain Solutions is dedicated to finding reasonable and affordable methods to promote sustainable development using on-site rainwater harvesting and stormwater management.